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The Bold, Beautiful & Bald Beauty Bazaar debuted as an Alopecia Awareness Event in 2017.  Donna M. Gray-Banks came to Angie BEE in 2016, to discuss the number of bald women in the county and what could possibly be done to help bring awareness about alopecia.  Birthed from Angie BEE's own experience with the autoimmune disease, and encouraged by Bartee, she launched an annual weekend event that would help men, women, and children to embrace being "Bold, Beautiful & Bald." 


The annual beauty bazaar also serves as a fundraiser for the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, a non-profit 501c3 organization.  

Angie BEE's efforts were rewarded when she was nominated by the Women's Business Awards in the category of Diversity and Inclusivity for spreading alopecia awareness in Volusia County, Florida.

When Your Crown Leaves You Feeling Down

An Alopecia Story by Angie BEE

I clearly remember sitting at my mother’s kitchen table sobbing and moaning, with tears streaming from my eyes.  Mom had just finished “pressing and curling” my hair at her gas stove, then she handed me the mirror.  During the straightening process, I heard her heavy sighs and gasps, as she realized the extensive damage of my hair loss.  As she curled my hair, she struggled to find a suitable hairstyle for me to wear. It was May 7th, the day before a milestone birthday for me and she wanted to treat me to her “Free Hair-Do”. When she handed me the mirror to see the crown of my head and she saw my response, her tears joined mine: I was 29 years old.


My mother told me that it was probably Alopecia; her hair was becoming thinner and shorter over the years, and Alopecia Areata was the diagnosis that she received.  The dermatologist told her about the “patches” of hair loss that some people experience with the auto-immune disease and that she should consider herself “lucky” that she still had consistency over her entire head.  Now, she could see for herself what that description of “patches” looked like, as she groomed my head.


When I turned 51 years old, the hot flashes from menopause forced me to remove my wig, and go out in public for the very first time.  I was terrified.  My beloved husband extended his arm and held me close to him to steady my trembling body.  As we entered the restaurant, I realized how cold the air conditioning was on my head, and almost retreated from the establishment! I had been wearing wigs, scarves and weaves for two decades, and I did not know how to be “me” with a bald head.  I was a motivational speaker, a workshop leader, an ordained evangelist, an author, a sister, wife and mother.  I am globally known as “Da Queen Bee”: how could I reveal that my “crown” was a problem for me?


In 2017 my husband and a neighboring community activist encouraged me to launch an event, where other bald people could come and shop, be entertained and network.  Together, we launched the Bold Beautiful & Bald Beauty Bazaar in Daytona Beach, Florida.  During the promotion of this event, dozens of women contacted me via social media to not only compliment me on my “bravery” for stepping out bald, but they also asked me if I knew of a way for them to grow their hair back.    I still occasionally wear wigs to accentuate my winter wardrobe, and I am now COMPLETELY in love with my “Baldie” look.  


To schedule “Da Queen Bee” Evangelist Angie BEE as a speaker for your upcoming event, or to bring one of her award-winning workshops to your area:


call 407.914.6519 or send an email to:

Chatting About Alopecia

The Souvenir Book - BBB 2021


Hi!  My name is Evangelist Angie BEE, and I am an amabassdor for the National Alopecia Awareness Foundation,

As one who has been attacked by this autoimmune disease, I understand what it feels like to lose one's hair.  Still, there is hope.  There is research..  There are communities to help support alopecians.  The Bold, Beautiful, & Bald Beauty Bazaar serves as a fundraiser for and an awareness-building platform.

I started the Bold, Beautiful & Bald Beauty Bazaar as a means of raising awareness about this disease and helping others on their journeys.

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